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Use Of Images / Licensing

Images that are purchased as digital images priced as "Not For Resale" are not to be resold as prints, digital images, greeting cards or calendars. Images purchased may be used for

  • private purposes (ie. not for sale)
  • incorporated in web design
  • used in printed material that is not specifically selling the image - ie. travel brochures, carton covers, newspaper advertisements, magazines (photo credit required where appropriate) etc.

Limited Use Licences (royalty free) are available for AU$5.00 per image. This permits the images to be used in a modified form and sold for such purposes as

  • wedding invitations (to be published for sale)
  • digitised embroidery patterns
  • textile and room wallpaper design

UNlimited PRINT Licences (royalty free) are available for AU$25.00 per image. This permits the images to be used in any print medium and resold.

Royalty-Free means that you pay only once for an image license without further fees. Image licenses are non-exclusive.

Once you have paid for an image you may use it for as often as you require for any legal purpose provided that you do not claim the image as your own and that you do not distribute the image for resale or license as stock photography, web graphics, on CD or as a print etc..

If you are in any doubt about the use you want to put my images to, please email me. or phone me on 0402 243 079.