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Noisy Miners

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Noisy Miners
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The Noisy Miner has a grey body with a black head and cheeks. It is a curious, bold bird that shows little fear of humans. Its bill, legs and skin beside the eyes are all yellow. Noisy Miners only grow to around 28cm but will attack larger birds such as Kookaburras and crows. They certainly live up to their name. This group of birds were complaining very loudly about the site we chose yo erect our tent on. I suspect they had a nest in the tree above us. They are often seen in suburban backyards and have adapted well to the parks and gardens and houses of the city. Noisy Miners usually feeds in large groups and they eat nectar, fruits and insects. Sometimes they will eat small reptiles and amphibians. Food is either taken from trees or on the ground.

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