This is an aproximate view generated dynamically. Some image resolution may have been lost in resizing to fit the frame image. This would not be the case in a printed version. Note also that the automatic sizing can't take into account variable positioning of the image to suit the cutout frame. Also, some images may suit a round cornered rectangle cutout better than the oval shown.

SEE ALSO our "Scrapbooking Cards" which can be individually designed to suit your chosen image.

See colours below.

Price : AUD$2.50

Cardboard colors.
1. Dark blue
2. Bright blue
3. Light blue
4. Dark green
5. Light green
6. Yellow
7. Orange
8. Cream
9. Fawn
10. Dark red
11. Purple
12. White
13. Metallic Cream (costs extra AU$0.30 per card)

Paper insert colors.
1. White
2. Cream
3. Beige flecked
4. Pink
5. Yellow
6. Light green
7. Light blue

Colors will vary depending on your computer screen. Other colours can be purchased on request. Prices will then be provided by quote.

If you would like larger photos and hence larger cards I can produce those too. The price would then depend on the size you want and the cost of envelopes and postage. The bigger the better with photos - they always look more spectacular!

You can have the embossing in gold, green, purple, red or silver. Or no embossing if you prefer.

All cards come with colour co-ordinated envelopes.

Please refer to Delivery Info for postal charges.