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Tea Bag Folding Instructions (Diamond Folded Inverted Square)

Using a Split Tile

The important thing with split tiles is to start folding each tile with the pattern facing the same way. Although some beautiful results can be obtained if half are folded one way, half the other and then assemble the medallion by alternating the tiles. See this lovely example.

1. The raw tile. This is a forgiving fold - this tile isn't even 100% symmetric in the patterned half!

2. Fold in half.

3. Flatten and fold in half across the other way.

4. Flatten out again and fold inside out across the diagonal.

Make sure you fold across the line made by the two different patterns.

Make this a nice sharp fold.

5. Fold back the right way. See how the diagonal fold "wants" to fold inwards.

Note that the unfolded sections on each side show the middle of the two respective patterns.

(Sorry about the different tile - my other photo turned out blurry!)

6. This is the finished standard square fold.






7. With all the cut edges pointing down, fold the left flap in towards the middle.

8. Fold that same flap back the other way, so that it's tucked under itself.

9. One side tucked under.

10. Do the same with the flap on the other side

ie. fold to the middle,

fold back under itself.

The end result is the finished Diamond Folded Inverted Square.

See Penny Wessenauer's instructions here.


11. Tuck the left bottom edge of one tile under the right flap of the other tile - with the cut edges all at the bottom.

The end result! (I was a little rough joining them together - if you're neat you won't get the little gap in the middle!)

See my kaleidoscope tile generators.
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