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Free Tea Bag Tiles
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Free Parchment Patterns
Free 3D Sheets
Kaleidoscopes (Tea Bag Tile Generators)


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Privacy Policy

Robyn's Tea Bag Tiles

These tiles are free to use for your own card making and scrap booking but MAY NOT be sold or re-published anywhere else. (You may of course sell your cards). ie. PERSONAL USE ONLY - no commercial use of these digital images is permitted.

How to print these tea bag tiles

1. Say you want tiles with pink in them, type pink in the first keyword box and click the Search button
2. Then all of the tiles with pink in the keyword list that I set up (behind the scenes) will display
3. Pick the ones you'd like to print by clicking on the little box above the relevant tiles
4. Scroll back to the top of the page
5. Decide what size you want to pirnt - common settings for printing are
   a. 150 (4 per row)
   b. rows = 2
   c. gap = 2
   d. Square
8. then click the Create Print Sheet button
9. You will then get a page of tiles showing in your browser
10. Use the print function in your browser to print them off. I recommend using the Print Preview function first to make sure the tiles aren't going to be chopped off anywhere when you do actually print.

If you have tiles you have saved from somewhere else and want to use my print function then you will need a userid and pw - that allows you to upload those tiles to a private area just for that userid on my website and you can then print in a similar manner to above (without the search step).


You can browse the whole collection of tiles by clicking the NEXT link at the bottom of the page and just stepping through all of them, or you can enter a search word
I recommend just one word in each box eg. frangipani
or rainbow
or turquoise AND split (ie. turquoise in the first keyword box and split in the second box).
Common keywords I use : split xmas weave round hexagon flower pastel bright red green blue gold yellow brown purple pink turquoise black white

Enter keyword 1

And this word / OR this word

Enter keyword 2
(Scroll down to view after clicking search).

NOTE that only 40 tiles are displayed per page here. They are in alphabetic order, named roughly so that the dominant colour in them is the first part of the tile name. So, you will find most of the blues together etc.

Select size in pixels

Select the number of rows of each tile.

Select the gap size between each tile.

Make them rectangles or squares

Check the box above each tile you wish to print THEN click this button.
(Click ON the image to view an enlargement.)

free teabag tiles

free teabag tiles

free teabag tiles

free teabag tiles

free teabag tiles

free teabag tiles

free teabag tiles

free teabag tiles

free teabag tiles

free teabag tiles

free teabag tiles

free teabag tiles

free teabag tiles

free teabag tiles

free teabag tiles

free teabag tiles

free teabag tiles

free teabag tiles

free teabag tiles

free teabag tiles

free teabag tiles

free teabag tiles

free teabag tiles

free teabag tiles

free teabag tiles

free teabag tiles

free teabag tiles

free teabag tiles

free teabag tiles

free teabag tiles

free teabag tiles

free teabag tiles

free teabag tiles

free teabag tiles

free teabag tiles

free teabag tiles

free teabag tiles

free teabag tiles

free teabag tiles

free teabag tiles

free teabag tiles

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© All designs and images copyright of Masikati Web Design 2008 except where noted. Free for PERSONAL use only. No images or designs may be reproduced or sold in any form. (Cards made using these designs MAY be sold.)